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A Silent Partner


Through the proper use of the ONA application, officers will be able to check on their partners while they are on calls, even able to interact with them remotely in the event an officer is immobilized.

Made by Police for Police


This application was made out of love for my fellow officers after years of rumination on several events in mine and other's careers of having an officer in trouble and not knowing where they are. The potential for loss of life in a hot situation is too great to not facilitate some type of fallback to the radio. 


One thing I want made crystal clear is that I didn't design this application for your brass to see that you spent too long sitting somewhere knocking out a report or to hawk your calls. This is designed for brothers and sisters to watch out for one another...


I take that to heart so much that if abuse of the system is reported and verified the user responsible will have their account terminated.

Take pride in knowing, if you choose to use the system. That you are supporting an individual and yourself. I don't have the capital of a major corporation. I'm just one guy that wants to make your shift safer so you can get back to your family. 

This is not a profit driven application. I keep it as cheap as I possibly can while affording the cogs in the background to keep the machine running. That means paying various storefronts 30 percent up front and then servers monthly based on usage. 

What little bit I'm able to retain will be put back into the system to bring new features in the future. It's been a growing application over the last 2 years and will continue to do so. 

If the cost is too much for you as an individual I thank you for your time in stopping by and you and your shift will always be in my prayers!


How it Works


By integrating key features, the system provides a small safety net through a variety of functions.

Active GPS Tracking with navigation: In the event that an officer is in need of help and either can't answer the radio or is confused of their location (rookie's FTO immobilized). One click of the map icon provides nearly instantaneous driving directions for you, the responding officer to the officer who needs help. This isn't a static location. If the officer needing help is moving i.e. a foot or vehicle pursuit. Your directions will constantly be updated to get you to him or her. 

Emergency Ping: with the simple press of a button, everyone in your group will receive an alert to your situation if a vocal approach might cause conflict or you're unable to speak (violent suspect with warrants). 

Officer to officer messaging: need to get a quick message to a fellow officer but don't want to clog the radio/call or text? Simply hold the microphone button next to the officer you wish to message and wait for the beep. Say what you need to and let go of the button. Message delivered. 

Silent partner feature: when you go on a call simply press the "on call" button. This will allow any officer in your group to check in on you and listen to anything said or see what your phone's camera sees. In the event they need to speak to you i.e. radio traffic not getting through. Other officers can unmute themselves and hold a speakerphone style conversation in critical moments. 

You put all these tools together and you have one heck of an officer safety enhancing system. 

The app can be found right now on Google Play and the App Store by searching ONA or Officer Needs Assistance 

Here's a brief instructional video, sorry for the poor quality!


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